Thank You for…

1. The Post Street Ale House Restaurant.

2. Feeling cared for.

3. The Voice.

4. Coeur Coffeehouse.

5. The fact that no matter who lets me down I know I can always count on You.



Thank you for…

1. Coffee Shops.

2. Finding someone with my same slight obsession for B-Dubs. 

3. “It is impossible for your sin to shock the One who died because of it.” Quote from How People Change by Paul Tripp and Timothy Lane

4. Getting a lot of homework done today.

5. Running into an old friend


It is far too easy for me to feel unmotivated to find things to be thankful for when things aren’t the way I want them to be.  We all encounter very hard things in life, some we walk through fairly quickly and some seem to drag on for far too long.  It is so easy to dwell on the negative things going on in life.  Trust me, I’m not saying these things don’t exist or that they aren’t valid reasons to be upset or hurt or angry.  What I am saying is that we can’t just focus on them we must focus on the blessings we still have.  

Philippians 4:8 says, “Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.” (ESV)  

I’ve always looked at this verse as an exhortation to seek out honorable, true, pure, lovely things to be part of my life.  It was not until recently that I began to wonder if dwelling on these excellent things when I am angry or hurt or even feeling seemingly intolerable pain would actually give me strength to push through.  I want to seek out truth. I want to seek out honor. I want to seek out justice, purity, loveliness, and excellence.  Even in the hurt, God has given me much to be thankful for.

Thank You for…

1. Seeing customers so excited for the Christmas season as they buy gifts for their loved ones.

2. Cute colored paperclips.

3. Seriously, the color yellow. I know I’ve said that one a million times already, but there is something about it that lifts my soul.

4. When the utility bill is less than you thought it would be.

5. A really good conversation with my mom yesterday.

Thankfulness is a choice. Thank you my Savior.


Thank You for…

1. Finally finding our mailbox and laundry room keys.

2. My work letting me take off 7 weeks at Christmastime to do my internship.

3. Getting a large assignment done on time.

4. The adventure of blowing a circuit in our apartment and having to search for the breaker in our creepy basement at night.

5. That we didn’t die in our creepy basement at night.