Thank You for… 1. Child Evangelism Fellowship. 2. Making progress on figuring out my internship. 3. The body of Christ being made up of all ages of believers. 4. Getting out of class early. 5. Life. Advertisements


Thank You for… 1. The feeling AFTER you work out. 2. My new wallet! It’s yellow and it was only $3.49 after tax! Again, yay for clearance sales! 3. $90 credit to my car insurance bill! 4. Looking forward to dinner. 5. Deep breaths that allow air to go to the very bottom of your […]


Thank You for… 1. I realized today that my pink toolbox actually has a mirror inside of it. Gotta look good while fixing things! 2. Sunsets over fields of wheat. 3. Super glue. 4. A clear blue sky. 5. Late Summer thunderstorms.