What is it?

The Gratitude Project is a place for sharing what I am grateful for in my life. I was talking with a good friend the other day about how we can truly feel and experience God’s great love for us. I felt as though no matter how much I know in my head about God’s love for us, I was having a hard time feeling it and therefore living according to that truth. He shared with me an idea he had heard about: our need to spend more time thanking God. Far too often, we take for granted the many blessings He allows in our lives. I know this may sound cliche, but there are so many things in life we can be grateful for, even the little things. Unfortunately, we spend too much time looking at the parts of our lives we want to change or are disappointed with. Instead, we need to take time to thank God for what He does for us everyday. Through The Gratitude Project, I hope to better understand God’s love for me by taking time to look at how He provides for me and what He does for me on a daily basis.



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