Thank You for…

1. Finally finding a Starbucks that is open late enough for me to study.

2. Gracious professors.

3. Lemon Poppyseed Bread.

4. Your strength.

5. Getting to know the people I work with a little better.



Thank You for…

1. Atticus coffee.

2. First time by Spokane Falls after living in Spokane twice. What?

3. Shortbread cookies.

4. Downtown Spokane. 

5. That I can talk to You and You listen.


Thank You for…

1. The feeling AFTER you work out.

2. My new wallet! It’s yellow and it was only $3.49 after tax! Again, yay for clearance sales!

3. $90 credit to my car insurance bill!

4. Looking forward to dinner.

5. Deep breaths that allow air to go to the very bottom of your lungs.